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Water Line Permit Drawings

DC Water Permit Drawings are important documents that are required when applying for a permit to perform work on a water and sewer infrastructure project in the District of Columbia. These drawings provide detailed information about the existing water and sewer infrastructure in a particular area, as well as the proposed changes that will be made to that infrastructure as part of the project. The content of DC Water permit drawings typically includes information about the location of existing water and sewer lines, including their size, depth, and material. It also includes information about any manholes, valves, and other infrastructure features that are present in the area. The drawings may also show the proposed changes that will be made to the water and sewer infrastructure as part of the project, such as the installation of new pipes or the relocation of existing infrastructure. Once the permit drawings are complete, they must be submitted to DC Water along with the permit application and any other required documentation. DC Water's permitting process typically involves a review of the permit application and associated documents by DC Water staff, who may request additional information or modifications to the permit drawings before issuing the permit.

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