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Underpinning Design

The underpinning of existing foundations refers to the process of strengthening or reinforcing existing foundations to prevent structural damage or collapse. There are several reasons why existing foundations may need underpinning, such as changes in soil conditions, increased loads on the structure, foundation settling or shifting, or new excavation below the level of the existing foundations. Our engineers use various methods to design and construct the underpinning, depending on the type of soil, the weight of the building, and other environmental factors. To begin the underpinning process, our engineers first assess the condition of the existing foundation by geotechnical testing of the existing soil and determine the best method for strengthening it. In conclusion, underpinning existing foundations is an important process that helps to ensure the safety and stability of a building and its neighboring structures. By using various methods such as stage by stage reinforced concrete wall, concrete piers or piles , and other common methods, our engineers are able to strengthen existing foundations and prevent structural damage or collapse during new excavations.

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